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Septic Inspections by Licensed Pros!

We currently offer 2 types of real estate sale septic inspections by CT licensed Pros!


Note: All inspections will be pumped at the time of inspection by us & all related septic pumping charges will apply in addition to inspection charges. Arrangements will need to ensure payment from all parties prior to inspection.


Disclaimer: These inspections indicate the present observed condition of the private on-site subsurface sewage disposal system. The results of this inspection do not guarantee or warranty future performance.

We check:

  • Type & Size of Tank

  • General Tank Condition

  • Current levels in Tank

  • Evidence of Prior High Levels

  • Inlet & Outlet Baffles

  • “Runback” from Leaching

  • Access to Tank Lids

  • For Unacceptable Discharge into Tank

  • * Water treatment Units

  • * Garbage disposals

  • * Sump pump

  • “Breakout” or wet lush areas in area of leaching

  • Distance to well (if visible)

Simple Septic Tank Inspection ($ 100.00)

We also offer investigations for home owners to determine size, location, operating condition of their current system.


When you choose us for your septic maintenance, repairs, and other services, you can count on getting service that's affordable, honest, friendly, and professional.

Septic System Inspection ($425.00)

Trust the pros to handle your inspections.


"They did a great job and were very thorough. They were in and out quickly and left no mess behind."

— Alberto Torres

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Everything included in the simple Septic Tank Inspection plus:

  • Camera sewer pipe from house to tank

  • Camera pipe from tank to d box or leaching

  • Dig up D-Box

  • Camera leaching pipes

  • Note levels in leaching structures

  • Check Health Department Record for repairs etc.

  • Compare leaching size to today's standards

  • Measure & draw system components


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