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Properly operating septic systems protect the health of the community, environment, and our fresh water supply.

Small repairs

We work with all local sanitarians and health departments in New London County.  We will evaluate your site, lot size, soils and limiting factors.  We will then come up with an approved repair.  We will receive the proper permits from the sanitarians and prepare a written proposal.  Our in-house licensed installers will then properly complete the work needed.


Since 1980, we have been serving all New London County for your excavation and dirt work needs. For over 10 years, our team has been handling all of your septic maintenance and septic inspections. It's our pleasure to provide you with other services and answers to FAQs.

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Let the pros handle your septic repairs.


"The job went pretty smoothly. I am a long distance landlord, so all of my communications were via phone or email (text too).  The work was done quickly, and my renters tell me the yard looks fine with the work completed."

— Anonymous


 •  Replace septic tanks (concrete or poly)

 •  Leaching field rejuvenation

 •  Install new leaching systems

       • Conventional - pipe, stone, galleys,

         infiltrators and dry walls

       • Proprietary - Certified installer of

         Geomatrix GST and Eljen Mantis

         leaching  systems

Large repairs


Baffles - replace broken or missing inlet or outlet baffles. Baffles are needed to prevent blockages and prevent solids from entering the leaching system.

Pipes - pipes can get crushed, deteriorate or become root bound over time.

Distribution Boxes - old d-boxes often fail and disrupt the proper flow to the leaching system.

Risers with lids - Tired of digging? We can deliver to you (for the do it yourselfer) or install 24" dia. risers in any height with a poly lid to access your septic tank lids easier. (Ct health code requires access within 12" of the ground surface).

Trouble Shooting Problems -

Signs of Trouble include- gurgling in pipes, slow drain, backups, frequent clogs or plunging required, wet or extra green area of lawn, tank over full and possible foul odor.


We have saved our customers thousands of dollars by finding and repairing problems rather than replacing or installing new systems without proper investigation. We will locate and evaluate the septic tank and working level. We can snake lines, camera inspect and locate system components. Machine digging for investigation may be necessary. Sometimes the problem is as simple as a clogged filter or crushed pipe and sometimes it is more involved such as needing a new leaching field, either way we can solve your septic problems.

Plan for Repair of Leaching field -

We will evaluate your property for a possible  repair area. We will work with your town's Health Dept. to determine the size of the system based on deep hole testing for soil profile and peculation testing. This usually requires digging with a small mini-excavator with rubber tracks. We generally charge $400.00 for a mini-excavator and a Ct licensed septic installer as the operator. There is usually a charge of around $150.00 for the Health Dept to perform the perc test and document results. After we have the results of the soil and perc tests we can design a system to get as close to a "code complying" system as is reasonable and acceptable by the Health Dept. We can now give you a proposal for the work.

Installation of Septic Systems -

We can repair and install all types of septic systems from the foundation out. Including pipes, tanks and leaching fields. We have compact and heavy Equipment to handle any repair and installation. The mini-excavator is suited perfect for repairs in small of established areas. It has rubber tracks and is only 60" wide for working in small areas. Where lots of dirt and material need to be moved and space is not an issue we have a large 18 ton excavator. This machine makes setting concrete galleys and tee-pee's easy. We install all types of systems including fill systems, pump systems, infiltrator systems, galley systems, Ruck systems and new technology systems. We can do the whole job from test holes to grass.

septic repairs

Outlet Filters - are placed in outlet baffle to prevent suspended solids from leaving the tank & potentially clogging up the soil in the leaching field.

Clean Out - An access port to the sewer pipe usually located just outside of the foundation used for inspection &  cleaning.