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Septic system maintenance

You should have your septic tank pumped & inspected by a licensed professional every 2-5 years. CALL TODAY TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT!  Mention this website & save $10. Or call with a neighbor to be pumped at the same time & save $20 /each.

  • CT Licensed Professionals

  • Clean Trucks

  • Courteous & Knowledgeable

  • Emergency Service

  • 10 Point Septic Tank Assesment

Quality Service, Routine or Emergency

Please have a garden hose or working outside faucet available so we can keep our hoses & equipment clean for all of our customers.


Let our pros handle all of your septic needs including septic repairs, septic inspections, and 24/7 emergency service. Check out our FAQs and other services, and contact us today.

"Our septic tank was backed up causing a small overflow in the house. I called Steve, and he was at my house less than an hour later. They located and dug up the tank, pumped down the tank, and made 2 repairs to the piping at the inlet and outlet of the tank."

— Michael Hollenbach

Septic system maintenance
  • Depth of lids

  • Type & Capacity of Tank

  • Tank level

  • Amount of solids

  • Runback Observed?

  • Inlet Baffle Type & condition

  • Outlet Baffle Type & Condition

  • Outlet Filter

  • Overall Condition of Tank

  • Recommended Interval for next pumping

Free 10 Point Septic Tank Assesment with

Maintenance Pump Checks or Notes:

  • Usually $ 20- $ 40 depending on difficulty

  • No Charge if dug up or has Risers to grade.

  • NO CHARGE FOR SENIORS if less than 12”

  • Older tanks have 1 lid & newer tanks have 2 lids for cleaning

Hand Digging- reasonable up to 18”

  • Up to 1000 Gallons $ 295

  • Up To 1250 Gallons $ 345

  • Up To 1500 GALLONS $ 395

  • 2000 Gallons and up $ .21/gallon

  • NOTE: Additional charges may apply if

  • * tanks are over full due to clogged filter or other issues

  • * Tanks have excessive solids build up due to lack of maintenance (pumping), garbage disposals or misuse

  • * Tanks in difficult locations

Properly pump Septic tank ($ may vary )

  • Usually $ 15 to clean

  • May have to replace if damaged or unable to clean

  • Can install one in most 2 compartment tanks

  • Can upsize to 6” filter

  • Can install Filter Alarm

Outlet Filter (if equipped)

  • As available. Additional charges will apply.

Emergency Services

  • Hand Snakes

  • Electric Power Snakes

  • High Pressure Water Jetter

  • Pipe Camera

Back Ups, Slow Drains & Clogged Pipes

*Back Ups Can Be Prevented by Repairing pipes, tanks & leaching issues

*We can unclog & diagnose problems with:

  • Using our experience & probing the ground

  • Using Health Dept. Records

  • Using an electronic “mouse” Flushable Transmitter & locator.

  • Last resort Machine Digging

Locate Septic tanks:

Can’t Find Your Tank? NO PROBLEM, We Can!

  • Mail or Email Reminding You “It’s Time To Pump Again”

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